Brand Strategy and Research

My design process starts with brand strategy and research, regardless of how many deliverables you require at the end.

Learning about you, your business, your industry and most importantly your customer allows me focus the brand visuals on the message that is required to be conveyed in order to attract the right audience.

Creative Design Process

Knowing who the customer is allows me to focus on symbols, imagery, colours and fonts that suitably attract and communicate with your audience during the logo design process.

Communication throughout the process is key, so expect to hear from me. Making sure the project remains on the right path is crucial to a final result that performs well and can be built onto as your brand grows or changes direction.

Final Deliverables

A Logo System will be built of variations on your final logo design that allow for application in a range of locations, such as square, round, long etc. (think signage, car door, round sticker, flag etc.)

A flexible colour palette is developed to enhance your brand, comliment your logo design, communicate effectively with your customer and broaden brand application coming together to produce a complete Colour System.

The Logo Styleguide brings together all the information on your Logo System and the files included, Typographic System, Colour System and any Branding Language that may have been developed.

Discuss your Options

Look through my recent logo design projects below and then contact me to discuss how we can work together for your business.

Thank you Peel Creative for all your help with creating the new look for my business. Nothing was ever too much trouble and the quality and promptness of your work is outstanding.

Mandurah and Peel Region Graphic Design

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